Saturday, 3 December 2011

Open Studios in Full Swing!

Note: no one is actually buying anything at this point - lot of drinking and chatting going on!
We had such a good time at our Open Studios last night. The weather was kind and everyone was in good Christmas spirits! Mulled wine and mince pies a plenty, a roaring fire and an outdoor screening on the Chocolate Factory walls pulled it all together to make a great start to the weekend.
Here's just a glimpse of it all.  Tomorrow's the last day - I'm doing 20% off on my current range of lampshades and as always the sale (print) table is happily getting lighter as the weekend goes on.  Still plenty of tea towels and bags to shift!  Just the block mugs left - all the Moroccan tile designs were bagged in one swoop.  Most of the studios are open and there are some really great finds for both Christmas presents and beyond.
I really shouldn't put this one in, but it does explain my banging head this morning! Poor little Bernina pushed to the wall. This desk certainly takes some hammering and I really think it's about time I remove that Tricky sticker!
That clock needs a new battery! Close of day today - 6pm

With Relish are opposite me and calls for Dog Bingo will be heard throughout the day - everyone welcome to join in the fun and support The Mayhew Animal Home
I love the photos taken by Matt from Studiohead (responsible for the virtual orchestra merriment in the yard!) which give a sneek peak into the build up and beyond of Open Studios - now in its sixteenth year! See all the pics on our Facebook Page 

Thursday, 24 November 2011


Before, originally uploaded by Helen Rawlinson.

I certainly pick my moments to get a long awaited paint job done at home! House in chaos - studio in chaos....roll on Christmas! Afters coming soon.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Open Studios 3/4th December

It's all getting frantic at The Chocolate Factory again!
Open Studios is nearly upon us...
All welcome!

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Flying By

pavement love, originally uploaded by Helen Rawlinson.
I'm having a rather nice time of November so far - An out of the ordinary great day of teaching at The Make Lounge (all will be revealed at a later date) The State of Craft Book launch (I have my copies! It's a must buy!) a fleeting glance at the crazy world of SickBoy, a night out to see John Hegley and anatomical friends at The Lilian Baylis Studio (an old friend has temporarily moved into our loft space so we've had a bit of free babysitting!) a game of tennis and thankfully, lots of orders to keep me busy, it's all just flying by. Hence not much time to blog, so I'd just thought I'd share this happy cat I spotted just on the street near to my studio the other day.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

State of Craft - Launch Night!

I mentioned a few posts back about my contribution to a fab new book which is launching this week.
State of Craft - By Ziggy Hanaor and Victoria Woodcock is now available now on Amazon. The launch party is open to all and is tomorrow night - I'll be there so do say hello if you spot me!

It's going to be quite an event - with mini workshops in moustache making, tote bag printing and hipster head dress making.  Plus a talented panel ready to answer all your DIY questions - see more info here and click to attend!

Monday, 17 October 2011

A Sensory Weekend

Making drums from popped balloons (nice gentle sounds - beats banging of pots and pans and ear splitting headache!)
 Apple bobbing at the local market

 'Bread Head'

and bread making with Campbel Works (Neil and Harriet being as inventive as ever) Christine was our expert guide - quite an experience on a fine Sunday morning!
An off the wall weekend

Friday, 14 October 2011

Productive Play

I've had a bad cold this week, so I haven't been very focussed.  With orders to go out, I've printed the wrong things and not got as much done as I needed to.  Never the less, I some how managed to start chopping up bits of my off cuts and made Stanley a mobile for his window. It's a fun guessing game for him working out the missing shapes and things.  I'd like to do more with my other designs.

The blind comes from the wonderful Rude (lots of fab stuff currently at the Tate and you can find them at our Chocolate Factory studios too)

Then came a few Christmas card ideas.

Then it was on to printing Santa Sacks and a new photo shoot - this is my attempt at Christmas styling!!!

Oh and on a Christmas theme, I did a little Santa last week for my demo at The Make Lounge, I'm hoping to make something of this design - Christmas cushion perhaps?  We always had a frilly one with a Christmas tree print on it,  My mum got it out every year! Think I need to follow on the tradition......
Happy weekend.

Monday, 10 October 2011

Stanley at 6

Stanley at 6, originally uploaded by Helen Rawlinson.
My little boy turned 6 at the weekend. It's rather frightening to see him so excited about growing older!
Being the dutiful mum, I printed him a new t-shirt for the day (won't fit him for very long!) and his party was a trip to the local cinema with 10 of his pals.  We went to see the magical Arrietty, which they amazingly sat calmly all the way through - OK a bit of fidgeting and munching of snacks, but not bad for 90 minutes!
 Snack bags were provided (just can't help myself) plus a balloon filled disco back at home. A big success, thanks to help from friends (getting them all home safely on the bus - even though the bus conductor was none too pleased with the racket up stairs!) and of course to Aunty Jacquie for the fantastic party spread! She worked wonders whilst we were out. (and the Ben 10 cake went down a storm!)
 Party in full swing! Oh to be 6 again....

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Back Tracking - Cocktails and Such

Anyone for a cocktail?
Back in June my fine friend Tjinder asked me to illustrate some recipes for his little project over at Cornershop HQ.  If you haven't heard of Cornershop - then now's the time to enjoy. I'm a big fan of Tjinder's music, an especially big fan of his Missus and our boys are the maddest of friends that 5 year olds can possibly be.
I've dabbled in illustration work in the past and would love to do more if I ever find time to follow this path, or someone else asks me!
This was a great opportunity to have a play and follow a brief. I loved the whole process of collecting imagery (raiding the kitchen cupboards) making little sketches, scanning them in and playing around with the joys (and frustrations) of photoshop.
I'm glad I tackled Judy first as it was the most complicated of the two recipes, so when it came to Brimful I was on a roll.

Both recipes are now available as printable hi res PDF downloads, so you can print them up onto posh A4 paper and have them at the ready for a mighty cocktail making session!  Having tasted it myself, I can honestly say that the Judy cocktail is a real winner (thanks to Dishoom).
Check out Cornershop's website to join the 6 for 6 Singhles club and you'll end up with the Judy Cocktail as well as five other art works plus, of course, some rather cool tracks.
As for Brimful you can download it right here for free!
Comments on a beer mat please! I'd love to know what you all think.


Monday, 26 September 2011

Christmas Sacks

 A print session of letters for an Australian customer.  The Christmas sacks are back.  Round up all your nieces and nephews and you're sorted for present buying in one hit! Buy them here and here

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

State of Craft - coming soon!

I'm extremely excited about this book! 

A while ago I made some storage buckets to go in our hallway.  I used my pebble design for them.
They still haven't made it to my hallway but they are in this fabulous new book from Cicada!

From the pioneers of the new craft revolution in book form (Making Stuff) here is Ziggy Hanaor and Victoria Woodcock's latest page turner, State of Craft.

I can't wait to get my hands on it to see all the lovely stuff there is to make, with interviews and how to-s on every page, from some top folks of the crafting world!
My first serious step by step tutorial, you will find it in there somewhere.  A big thanks to Ziggy and Victoria for including my buckets.
 Out very soon!

Friday, 9 September 2011

Thames Festival Here I come!

Oh dear, long time no see me!
Sorry everyone who ever might read my little blog. I've been absent of late, sunning myself in France with the family then back with a whirlwind of things to do.

Only as I packed my boxes into Jessica's(aka of Cabbages and Kings) big Luton van this evening, did I finally admit that I will be having a stall at The Thames Festival this weekend.

Early start tomorrow then, getting it all looking ship shape.  I'm sharing with some super lovely people and hoping that the weather will be kind, it should be a fantastic weekend.

Find me at the Craft HQ with Sannapanda and friends , Cabbages & Kings and Craft Guerrilla - all info here or click on the map

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Holiday Club Screenprint Workshop

A printathon, bags galore, then t-shirts the following week. Just something I've been doing over the hols! See them all on my Flickr

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday Sewing....from Tea Towel to Tote

From Tea Towel to Tote, originally uploaded by Helen Rawlinson.
So much happening but no time to post. A birthday present to a friend inspired these new tote bags, made from my tea towels no less! I've just dropped them in my Not On The High Street Shop and will be adding them to Etsy very soon. I think a little tutorial might be in order. Watch this space!

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Holidays and time for chaos

My lovely boy has just finished his first reception year at school.  He seems to have had such a great time and we're lucky to have such a nice school so near to us.
Time for chaos and disorganisation but hopefully some good old fashioned play. I'm looking forward to blogging a few of our days out for a change!
I dashed to the studio this morning to continue my back log of printing/making etc. etc (Stan went off to the cinema with his dad).  This gorgeous little tray arrived in the post while I was mid print, so I had to take a pic, along with my new mugs we fired last week  (I broke one in the process, outdoor windy weather hazards!).  I also took a few new tea towel shots as the last lot looked a bit cold.
Anyway, enjoy your summer everyone.  I'll be back soon. x
I found this via a rather lovely Treasury I was featured in thanks to Barbara from vintage Etsy shop Look On My Treaures  It's by Vera Neumann for Mikasa (I already have a plate see here) and I'm becoming a big fan.  I bought the tray from Kelly at another great vintage shop Patch Happy Pauper.  Sadly due to my rather impulsive purchase it was removed from the treasury during the RESERVED process of organising UK Shipping.  Luckily Kelly was very happy with the sale and I'm now a very happy collector!
Another shot at the tea towels and my new mugs now on Etsy


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