Friday, 9 September 2011

Thames Festival Here I come!

Oh dear, long time no see me!
Sorry everyone who ever might read my little blog. I've been absent of late, sunning myself in France with the family then back with a whirlwind of things to do.

Only as I packed my boxes into Jessica's(aka of Cabbages and Kings) big Luton van this evening, did I finally admit that I will be having a stall at The Thames Festival this weekend.

Early start tomorrow then, getting it all looking ship shape.  I'm sharing with some super lovely people and hoping that the weather will be kind, it should be a fantastic weekend.

Find me at the Craft HQ with Sannapanda and friends , Cabbages & Kings and Craft Guerrilla - all info here or click on the map


  1. have a fantastic time, Helen! I was supposed to be there but unfortunately the Saltaire Arts Trail is today too and realised I couldn't be in 2 places at once! Good luck and hope is a brilliant weekend!

  2. Ah that's a shame Karen, would have been nice to meet you. Hope it goes well at Saltaire. I'd love to go back there some day.



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