Thursday, 21 January 2010

Moozle Love

My sister-in-law sent these pics of my very gorgeous and very chubba nephew Rudy and I couldn't resist sharing them. Ok so there's a bit of product placement going on.....mostly Moozles! The vintage one was the first to arrive then the Shapes and Things came for Christmas.
The very large Eames thing in the background, just happened to be hanging around like most things in their super design clad (oh so tidy) pad! Well my big brother is an interior designer, so you have to let him off.
Every time I go and visit them, I come home and look at all my mess and think, right that's it, time to get sorted. It almost looks respectable for a few days then it all goes to pot! I thought that with the arrival of Rudy, they might at least get a bit messy to make me feel better, but apparently not!
(Thankfully Matt took control of the french decor and keeps us all in check during the family summer get together!)

Anyway, Rudy you are very welcome to come and play with Stanley's Moozles anytime you like! If you can find them that is!
Thanks for the pics Emma, love ya! Please come visit soon x
Lovely Moozles by Kate at Moozlehome

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Christmas and New Year are a distant, merry, fuzzy blur. The tree's come down and baubles are packed away for another year. Time to get back to normality..... I've got my head down, intent on cracking my accounts for a little while, so it may be a bit quiet on the blogging front.
Here's just a few picks of the last few weeks:

The month of December starts here......
Counting down the days on the fridge.

Our Tree!

A walk to the pub on Christmas Day with Mr. Big Gloves

New Year's Day, a whizz round a merry-go-round and a walk along the Thames!

Baubles packed away in their new Advent Calender Home .........Oh mY! This is an add on as Ive just realised I've been spelling Calendar wrong and no one TOLD ME, what a blinking idiot! To think I am about to launch into the educational side lines of my son's schooling... I better keep well back on spelling homework that's for sure. Oh well, maybe I'll change it when it comes out of hiding for next year!!!!!!

Here comes the snow
Back in a little while.....


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