Sunday, 29 March 2009

Saturday Dance Class

Stanley goes to a dance class every Saturday morning at Moving East, with the lovely Paloma. We're building up to the Easter break, with a grand finale, based on the children's book 'Room On The Broom'. It's a beautiful big open space so I thought I'd try and take some photos of Stanley in his new top I made with my printed patches. Needless to stay, he wouldn't keep still for very long and our rehearsal as the witch was a bit fraught! But we all had fun and I got some good action shots of the whole group as a nice souvenir!Final image ready for the Shop

Friday, 27 March 2009

Sunset Strip

Really pleased with this print. I've laid down strips of cut offs, just to try out the screen and think I will be doing some bigger panels having seen the results. This print is from my Sunset Strip design for the No. 7 Drum and No. 7 Long Drum lampshades. Orignally designed by me in about 2002...I think!

Get Well Soon!

Both Stanley's Gran and Aunty Mo are having a spell in hospital so we set about making mobiles to cheer them up, we hope! Lots of glitter and glue applied to finger painted cutouts.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

New Arrival

I've been having fun buying things off Etsy recently and this little chap arrived in the post the other day. What a fantastic package to arrive through your letter box. Thanks to Pouch who makes lovely vintage stuff and are keen recyclers hence the revamped envelope. Bunny looks a bit bewildered in Stanley's room but Im sure he'll settle in. The belt has already found a home around my waist.
The painting in the background is by my friend Dennis. He's was once at the Chocolate Factory but has now settled in sunny Wales with his partner Kate. Check out Moozlehome to see what they're upto these days.

Spring Is Here!

I love crocus flowers, they're only around for such a short time, but they just look so happy having a good stretch in the sun! These, along with the dafs have just popped up in my back garden.

The blossom is out on our street. Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons, especially on warm sunny days like this.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Joseph's Room

This was a commission I had for a clients little boy: to make a lampshade for his room. It was a very open brief, but a suggestion of sport and animals was given. So here it is in it's flat form..... and then made up into the shade. I had great fun messing around with the composition and choosing the main characters and am very pleased with the outcome. Joseph was apparently very happy too, well his parents were as I think he's just two!

All new and still in it's wrapping, I had about five minutes to take the pictures before it was collected.


This gives an idea of the type of shades I make. All hand screen printed and individually machine stitched. You can see the full collection at my website here.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

ABC Cushion

ABC in turquoise, just trying a few photos with my new camera. The wooden blocks were the initial inspiration for this design.

Not a good idea taking pictures of lampshades in glorious sunshine, but here are my abc shades in Olive Loves Alfie for all to see and buy! It's a really lovely shop full of all sorts of goodies for little ones.

I did this little fabric collage number for one of Stanley's chums. He's just three and his name rhymes with Panda. That will leave you's the perfect nickname for him as he's such a lovely cuddly boy who loves his sleep!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Here We Go!

Well, this is quite and exciting morning for me. I've been mixing colours for my new fabric range and going a little bit mad! I can never seem to keep it simple...2 to 3 colours just to start with? No way, how about 17! Oh well, can't change, won't change, never mind!

Monday, 2 March 2009

Print Day Monday

I'm printing like mad at the moment as I've got loads of ideas to make things. I'm really pleased to have the whole print table clear for the first time in ages! Big Flower is one of three designs I have in repeat so I can print a full three metres. Drying time is a bit of a pain though as I just want to keep going!


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