Thursday, 30 July 2009

Miffy Love!

Well it's been on the front page of Etsy twice (Now thrice!) and has just had a great mention over at Housemartin.
Thanks to a lady called Dee who gave me the tip off!
I've got a sneaky feeling it's Miffy that's getting me all the attention, even though I'd like to think it was my little cushions too!
I came across this fab find at my local Mind, Charity Shop and for £1.80 I think I got a bargain and a fantastic prop to boot.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Blue eyed Moozle looking good!

My oh so talented friend Kate from Moozlehome has added another Moozle in my Shapes and Things pattern. He's a super little chap all in green! Orange is currently sold out with more to come and hopefully a pinky one will be out and about soon too. Go take a look at her lovely shop! Also to be found on Etsy.

'Moozlehome is a new lifestyle brand for you and your family. Created with a love for vintage printed textiles and home spun style with a strong graphic influence. Moozlehome brings you a quirky collection of home and personal style accessories that add a little nostalgic charm where ever they go to.'

Monday, 27 July 2009

Ah Holidays!

Well it's like taking a picture of your whole house on a bad day and this was tidy mode.
Was rather envious of all the groovy seventies camper vans!
64 Zoo Lane!We hit a festival at La Fleche just by chance and saw this fantastic french puppet show.

Beautiful Ile de in between rain clouds.

Watching the thunder and lighting from a nice comfy chair at last!
I've just had two fabulous weeks away with Stanley and Nigel. The aim was to get down to the Dordogne to meet up with the rest of my family at Scarpat.
So we camped for 8 days, first at La Flèche, just south of Le Mans and then Ile de just off the coast of La Rochelle. It was our first big camping expedition ever and the weather was NOT kind!
Hence the rather gloomy, and lack of, photos as we were too busy trying to keep dry. So we were very pleased to be greeted by blue skies in the Dordogne for the rest of the holiday, apart from hailstones the size of marbles one morning.
Never the less a great time away.
Highs: our first camp cup of tea, Puppet show in the park, trip to the Zoo, Stanley's new swimming fervour thanks to Sporticus outfit, hollyhocks in Ile de , cycling in the sunshine, canoe trip and watching lightning crashing across the Dordogne skies.
Lows: my suitcase getting soaked on the first night, wood pigeons at 6am, 8km cycle back to camp in wind and rain and the drive home.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Pouch Post

Well, I finally said farewell to my favourite envelope the other day! I posted off an order to a customer in the Netherelands, who incidently has a very nice blog called Hibiscus. I popped it in a recycled envelope first sent to me by the queen of recycling at Pouch. I blogged about this great arrival on my doormat earlier in the year and I'm pleased to be giving it another go in the post. I added a bit of extra umph to the back just to keep its strength, so hopefully it will arrive safely. Let's see if it goes off to anywhere else exciting in the world!

Sewing Fun Time!

I decided to get away from my computer and work stuff yesterday and just make something for fun. It's a present for my 18 month old niece Imogen.
I bought this pop over pinafore pattern from Etsy seller Grain and Gusset as I thought it looked nice and easy to make and it really was! I used my big flower print in orange for one side and cut flower in buttercup yellow for the reverse. As my fabrics are more on the medium weight side of things I was so pleased with the way it hangs. I even tried it on Stanley, although it was a bit of a squeeze, but he loved being a little girl for a few minutes before I whipped it off him to go in the post!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

The Chocolate Factory on Facebook

I've now set up a Fan Page on Facebook for our studios. So if you are interested in coming to any of our open studio sales then become a fan and we'll keep you up to date.


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