Thursday, 30 July 2009

Miffy Love!

Well it's been on the front page of Etsy twice (Now thrice!) and has just had a great mention over at Housemartin.
Thanks to a lady called Dee who gave me the tip off!
I've got a sneaky feeling it's Miffy that's getting me all the attention, even though I'd like to think it was my little cushions too!
I came across this fab find at my local Mind, Charity Shop and for £1.80 I think I got a bargain and a fantastic prop to boot.


  1. well she is very cute!!! Are you back from your hols then? I'll call you tomorrow.x

  2. Hi Hannah! Yes I'm home, but not in studio today so I'll call you. HX

  3. Well, I didn't even notice the Miffy! I love the pillows. But now you've drawn attention to it - Miffy is fab!



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