Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Back Tracking - Cocktails and Such

Anyone for a cocktail?
Back in June my fine friend Tjinder asked me to illustrate some recipes for his little project over at Cornershop HQ.  If you haven't heard of Cornershop - then now's the time to enjoy. I'm a big fan of Tjinder's music, an especially big fan of his Missus and our boys are the maddest of friends that 5 year olds can possibly be.
I've dabbled in illustration work in the past and would love to do more if I ever find time to follow this path, or someone else asks me!
This was a great opportunity to have a play and follow a brief. I loved the whole process of collecting imagery (raiding the kitchen cupboards) making little sketches, scanning them in and playing around with the joys (and frustrations) of photoshop.
I'm glad I tackled Judy first as it was the most complicated of the two recipes, so when it came to Brimful I was on a roll.

Both recipes are now available as printable hi res PDF downloads, so you can print them up onto posh A4 paper and have them at the ready for a mighty cocktail making session!  Having tasted it myself, I can honestly say that the Judy cocktail is a real winner (thanks to Dishoom).
Check out Cornershop's website to join the 6 for 6 Singhles club and you'll end up with the Judy Cocktail as well as five other art works plus, of course, some rather cool tracks.
As for Brimful you can download it right here for free!
Comments on a beer mat please! I'd love to know what you all think.


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