Saturday, 23 July 2011

Holidays and time for chaos

My lovely boy has just finished his first reception year at school.  He seems to have had such a great time and we're lucky to have such a nice school so near to us.
Time for chaos and disorganisation but hopefully some good old fashioned play. I'm looking forward to blogging a few of our days out for a change!
I dashed to the studio this morning to continue my back log of printing/making etc. etc (Stan went off to the cinema with his dad).  This gorgeous little tray arrived in the post while I was mid print, so I had to take a pic, along with my new mugs we fired last week  (I broke one in the process, outdoor windy weather hazards!).  I also took a few new tea towel shots as the last lot looked a bit cold.
Anyway, enjoy your summer everyone.  I'll be back soon. x
I found this via a rather lovely Treasury I was featured in thanks to Barbara from vintage Etsy shop Look On My Treaures  It's by Vera Neumann for Mikasa (I already have a plate see here) and I'm becoming a big fan.  I bought the tray from Kelly at another great vintage shop Patch Happy Pauper.  Sadly due to my rather impulsive purchase it was removed from the treasury during the RESERVED process of organising UK Shipping.  Luckily Kelly was very happy with the sale and I'm now a very happy collector!
Another shot at the tea towels and my new mugs now on Etsy

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