Friday, 15 July 2011

Moroccan Tile goes Tea Towel Tastic!

So I'm a bit excited and my titles are getting rather corney...but I'm very happy to present my new tea towels.
As I never seem to have enough time in the day, I've gone down the production line and had a whole heap of these printed onto gorgeous organic cotton. Available in blue and red in my Etsy shop now!

The parade print tea towels are enjoying a little flurry of sales and treasury turns so lets hope these will do the same.
Sadly I can't get tea towel blanks in the organic cotton in the size I want for my studio printing, but I'm pleased to say that they are made up in the UK and I use good old waterbased inks for all my printing.
As always, biodegradable packaging is used throughout too, so I'm doing what I can to reduce the carbon footprint
My organic cotton for my fat quarters is soon to run out so I'm trying to source other eco fabrics that aren't at sky rocketing prices...not easy on this here British Island!  I'm working on it....
As for the mugs, the red ones go really nicely together with the new towels.  The darker blue one doesn't match so well unfortunately, as it ended up a bit on the mauve side, so I'll have to re work that one!
More block print mugs are going in the kiln tonight in Jo's studio, so let's hope they come out OK.

Anyway - tea towels to go......have a nice weekend everyone!
I'm at The Make Lounge tomorrow doing a screenprint hen party! Let's hope all the girls aren't too dressed can get a little messy!


  1. They are amazingly beautiful, so girly.
    However i am Moroccan, and this design is not really morccan i guess the repetition of the floural design. In morocco we use more geometric shapes, and in particular stars and hexaganols.
    This does remind me of henna designs though. :)



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