Saturday, 3 December 2011

Open Studios in Full Swing!

Note: no one is actually buying anything at this point - lot of drinking and chatting going on!
We had such a good time at our Open Studios last night. The weather was kind and everyone was in good Christmas spirits! Mulled wine and mince pies a plenty, a roaring fire and an outdoor screening on the Chocolate Factory walls pulled it all together to make a great start to the weekend.
Here's just a glimpse of it all.  Tomorrow's the last day - I'm doing 20% off on my current range of lampshades and as always the sale (print) table is happily getting lighter as the weekend goes on.  Still plenty of tea towels and bags to shift!  Just the block mugs left - all the Moroccan tile designs were bagged in one swoop.  Most of the studios are open and there are some really great finds for both Christmas presents and beyond.
I really shouldn't put this one in, but it does explain my banging head this morning! Poor little Bernina pushed to the wall. This desk certainly takes some hammering and I really think it's about time I remove that Tricky sticker!
That clock needs a new battery! Close of day today - 6pm

With Relish are opposite me and calls for Dog Bingo will be heard throughout the day - everyone welcome to join in the fun and support The Mayhew Animal Home
I love the photos taken by Matt from Studiohead (responsible for the virtual orchestra merriment in the yard!) which give a sneek peak into the build up and beyond of Open Studios - now in its sixteenth year! See all the pics on our Facebook Page 

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