Thursday, 10 November 2011

Flying By

pavement love, originally uploaded by Helen Rawlinson.
I'm having a rather nice time of November so far - An out of the ordinary great day of teaching at The Make Lounge (all will be revealed at a later date) The State of Craft Book launch (I have my copies! It's a must buy!) a fleeting glance at the crazy world of SickBoy, a night out to see John Hegley and anatomical friends at The Lilian Baylis Studio (an old friend has temporarily moved into our loft space so we've had a bit of free babysitting!) a game of tennis and thankfully, lots of orders to keep me busy, it's all just flying by. Hence not much time to blog, so I'd just thought I'd share this happy cat I spotted just on the street near to my studio the other day.


  1. love this helen. what a great spot. glad you're having a great autumn. and built-in babysitting? nice! x



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