Tuesday, 26 October 2010


HAPPY HALLOWEEN, originally uploaded by Helen Rawlinson.
A busy day at Holiday Club. Halloween is such a no nonsense theme that the kids get it straight away. A few pumpkins/cats/witches/skulls and such, dotted about and they go crazy. I have to get a bit bossy about the colours or they all end up black!
I was a bit more slap dash this time..a year on from my first official workshop..but I'm really happy with the results. Children are just the best in terms of one liners, inspiration and energy. So the odd pushy comment, moan about waiting and ink going everywhere, slipped off my back this time, not that I've got much of a back left after all this lot!


  1. looks good fun! Were they all screen printing? The results look great.

  2. Yes, all screenprinted on a tiny table! Two children to hold the screen and another to print their own design, with a little help from me...pulling power mainly!

  3. You have more patience than me! Looks great fun. X

  4. Lovely, looks like so much fun!
    and what a fun result.
    x guusje



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