Thursday, 14 October 2010

and the Winner is......

Taken in a rather dark kitchen this morning.  I somehow haven't had the time before now, so apologies for the wait.
Albeit a bit blurry, it's the lucky Beth who gets all the goodies! Stanley found great amusement with this game as he loves folding and unfolding things.  When we read the name out he was even more pleased because his old nursery teacher is called Beth and that was good enough for him, so much so, that he folded it up and took it to school.  So Beth, you are now in Stanley's pocket.  Must try this game again with other words/colour/shapes/numbers etc. as it would be great for reading practice and word association games.

Thank you all, for joining in and I'm sorry I can't give you all a prize as they were such lovely comments.
Anyway, back to Beth, otherwise known as The Linen Cat, maker of fine things: 


  1. Yeeeeeaaaaaaay! I'm thrilled and rarely win anything let alone such a fab giveaway :) that's made my morning, thanks. (Oh and glad my name brings so much joy when written and folded ;).

    I will email you my details, sorry they aren't left when I comment and will of course blog my winnings when they arrive. can't wait. Bx

  2. In the post! Should be with you soon x



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