Thursday, 7 October 2010

Birthday Giveaway!

Today my little dream boy is FIVE!
I can't quite believe it, where did all that time go?  He was so happy this morning as I packed him off to school with his new notepad (Current Paperchase home page = favourtie pattern, caused tantrum in shop when I wouldn't buy it for him, then had to return to London Central yesterday to get it!)

So the number 4T shirt is out the window and here comes number 5! A bit more transportable this time as I made it into a badge.
Stanley's party will be on Sunday and as mentioned, these little critters will be the party bags.  To celebrate and pinch myself lucky, I'm doing a giveaway of all 4 bags, plus something extra = FIVE LUCKY THINGS.
All you need to do is 5 simple things: 
  1. Visit my Etsy shop and tell me which of the four designs is your favourite
  2. Heart another item in my shop whilst you're there
  3. Visit my lighting shop and tell me which lampshade you like best
  4. Tell me any of the above via this blog, my Facebook Page, or Twitter (you don't need to do all 3!)
  5. Go give someone a hug and thank your lucky stars you've got them.
There you go. I'll do the draw in 5 days time (Tuesday at 5pm GMT), but I'll need more than 5 comments or I'll extend it for 5 days more!
Happy Thursday x


  1. Happy birthday to Stanley! Five is a fine age to be. Hard to choose but my fave is the cat, looks a lot like our Tigerlily. Hugs will be delivered to my two when I pick them up from school. Hope you have a great party on Sunday. Cathy.

  2. Hope he has a lovely day! my fave design is the cat or owl. I love your red lollipop design lampshade, gorgeous.
    I've been a blog follower for a while and I'd love to be included in your giveaway, cheers:)

  3. I'm very partial to the lollipop pattern, so I like the cherry lollipop shade, and I also like the orange lollipop tote in your shop. And, I love the birthday card to Stanley above - it's fabulous! Happy Birthday to Stanley!

  4. 5 is a magical number - Happy Birthday to Stanley!

    Hard to choose - but I love the owl.
    Love the Lollipop (cherry) lampshade - toooo cute.

    Hugs, you betcha! I'll give 5 hugs today to celebrate the "5"!

    Thanks for the giveaway! Very sweet of you ;)

    Have a fantastic day!

    - Julia

  5. I'm so hoping there is an extension on this giveaway (I'll tweet it in a mo as well). I love the skull and crossbones bag, as both my boys are heavily into pirates at the moment and skull & crossbones feature a lot in our house. I've added the Moroccan Tile in royal blue as another favourite to my Etsy list (fabulous print!).

    As for your lampshades, Pebble in cream is on my wish list for the lounge and when we finally re-paint I intend to buy it!!

    I hug my boys every day, lots, and I know I am very lucky to have them.

    Happy Birthday to Stanley, 5 is such a great age, same as my Felix.


  6. This stood out the most in your etsy shope for me

    Happy Birthday lil man :o)


  7. I love this lampshade the best love the simplicity of the colour scheme :o)


  8. Happy Birthday Stanley!
    I think my favorite design is the cat. But I've always loved cats.
    <3d the Moroccan Tile. Our dishes are actually "Moroccan Ironwork" pattern. Very Exotic.
    I think my favorite of the lighting is the drum circles. I just like the vibe it gives off.
    Will go hug the husband and the cat.
    Have a great day:)
    Starinthenitesky (at)

  9. yay!
    i'm such a fan of amazing you, helen! love these totes! my fave is the gorgeous green owl!

  10. my fave from your gorgeous shop { LOVE IT ALL! } is your fabulous moroccan tile fabric! THOSE COLOURS!


  11. happy bday, stanley! so cute!

    AND i hearted lots of stuff (already so many faves!)

  12. who can choose ONE lampshade? your lighting shop is always a total inspiration to me!

    today i most covet :) (gorgeous fabric!)

    and your amazing pebble design!

    thanks again for this great giveaway, nicey!
    and i'm ever-so-thankful for my great family, especially this weekend (canadian thanksgiving!) so i've been giving out lotsa fun hugs!


  13. Happy Birthday Stanley! Have a great party!

    My favourite has to be your red alphabet lampshade which hangs in my 4 year old son Sam's room and casts such a lovely rosy glow over our bedtime stories each night.

    Nicky x

  14. Thanks Nicky, I'm glad you are enjoying the shade!
    All such super comments...I'll be giving Stan the honours of pulling a name out the hat tomorrow after school. Watch this space!

  15. Shapes and Things drum shade is too lovely, love all the designs on it actually for me, yes I know I should be more of a grown up but never mind. The Owl bag is the cutest but I do have bird issues, they are all very sweet and little and big tricksters alike will love them!
    Name drawing is most certainly a grown up birthday boy task. Hope he had a happy birthday time!

  16. It isn't possible to choose is it!? I love the ABC prints in your etsy shop ; as for lighting, I desperately want to get one of the ABC drum shades for my childrens' room and I love it in the black. And the bag I like best: it's got to be the skull and crossbones. Happy birthday to Stanley: it's great having an October birthday!



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