Tuesday, 9 November 2010

WAWA and Flowers

I took a trip to Colombia Road the other Sunday.  I forget how lucky we are to live so near to such a vibrant flower market and fab shops.  The main reason was to visit my friend Richard in his new shop location.  Richard Ward owns WAWA and makes beautiful hand made furniture, sofas mainly.  He has kindly sold my lighing range for a very long time!  I was pleased to see how lovely it all looked in the new spot, just a door down from the original!  

 Spacious, uncluttered and as always a super warm welcome.
Richard, above left, having a chat with shoppers.
There's a really nice mix of interior accessories, plus some gorgeous leather bags by Matt Fothergill.  It's like a mini Heal's without the traipse into town. 

I've always loved the tile mossaic on the wall outside too, so it was good to have my camera!
More on Flickr
We ended up in a rather cool bike shop/cafe after our morning farm/market/park session. Just how Sunday mornings should be!
Oh and I sneeked back and bought this....just for Stanley!
From Nelly Duff By Anthony Burrill
Elphick's had some super prints too, I was very tempted by this by David Weidman, wonderful layers of colour. Maybe next time!


  1. Beautiful store Helen- such a nice fit for your lighting range! So glad you had your camera too. Thanks for the tour. :)

  2. i love both those shops. elphicks is such eye candy.

  3. Thanks both, I could have spent all day there and too much money. It's wierd when you don't go somewhere for ages and then it's like walking in to a sweetshop! I was on limited time though as the boys were at the city farm, neither of them like shopping much, boo hoo!



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