Saturday, 27 November 2010

Show time!

 I think I had about 2 hours to go before opening time here!  I was feeling seriously brassed off and tired, angry with myself for yet again not being more together with my planning and ready to go home.....
It finally all came together at the last minute and despite the random clutter bursting out from my desk and various hidden spots, I think I managed it!

The back wall was awash with new designs open for comment and it was really nice to hear feedback and find out the favourites.

These are still in prototype mode.  I had fun experimenting with printing inks here but have yet to give this design a title, any suggestions?  Possibly 'space'!
The simple rik rak may stay the same or I might keep fiddling with it, it was meant to compliment this little family on 'parade' below.  This design was very well received and the orange and turquoise sold almost straight away. Again I moved away from more opaque effects and went for a very translucent print, like shiny sweets!
These were all reworked from designs I'd had stashed away for ages, I'd abandoned them, but came back with new ideas and am very pleased with the latter.

Block, is something new I've had milling around in my head and I finally had time to work on it.  It's a combination of tower blocks, shelving systems, book cases and windows that inspired me with this one.  I'm looking forward to making cushions and more tea towels with the screen too. 

So one more day to go.  I've almost sold out of tea towels and mini bags, so all that effort was definitely worth it.
I really want to make more of these too, Moroccan long pillow (now sold).


  1. Everything looks wonderful! I always like your lampshades, particularly the pale, neutral coloured variety that are strong on design. Lesley

  2. It all looks very enticing! I hate getting my studio ready for visitors (work wise) but does feel good when it's all tidy and you can enjoy the company, doesn't it?

  3. Beautifully put together! Amazing what we can accomplish, isn't it?

  4. I feel very inspired by your achievements in sorting out your studio and some lovely ideas for places to visit in your recent posts too - thankyou!

  5. Helen, it appears that you are a magician on top of everything else! Your studio looks fabulous and I love the new designs! Best...

  6. Hi Helen, it was really nice to come and see your open studio, it looked lovely! Good luck with Cubbyhole Kids, Mary x

  7. Thanks everyone, sadly my studio looks like the top picture again...oh dear. But it was nice while it lasted.
    Mary, thanks so much for saying hello, sorry I couldn't chat for longer. Hope it goes well at Candid Arts for you. x



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