Friday, 2 October 2009

Square Day

I had a great time today chopping up some of my printed panels. I have a romantic vision of making a big quilt for our bedroom, but whether I'll ever get round to it is another matter. I'd like to think that someone else might want to buy some of my fabrics and show me how it can be done!!!! I'm not quite sure how I'm going to market that one though, I may offer small groups of nine like the one below or a discount mix pack of the 4 piece panels to cut up yourself. It's easy to spend hours enjoyable messing around with the juxtaposition, I'd probably go mad.
I did get round to making some more lavender squares and a mini patchwork cushion, but the light was so rubbish by the time I'd finished, I'll leave that until tomorrow.
More fabrics are being listed in my Etsy shop as I write, I'm just waiting for the photos to load up. There's a neat little trick on Etsyhacks if you download Greasemonkey you can load up all your photos in one go! It takes a while to load, but at least you're not sitting and waiting to do them one by one.
look out for the new prints in my shop and here's a peek of the squares I chose for my little cushion.....
Pebble, Petal and Cirlces

Cut Flower in Buttercup Yellow

Circles in Zingy Lime Green

Circles in Light Mushroom

1 comment:

  1. I love playing around with my printed scraps tto and have that same dream about a big quilt for our bed as well ;-) Love your prints and colours and the cushions turned out really great!!



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