Saturday, 24 October 2009

Christmas Project in the Making!

I blogged this a while ago and am now giving it an airing!
A little review of some playtime......
I had a great morning during the summer hols with Stanley and his little friend Elodie. We were doing a play day swap so that both mums could catch up on some work.
For my turn, I offered to do a tee shirt printing workshop with Elodie and she was a top rate student!
First we did some drawings together, then I photocopied them and we cut them out. Next was laying them on the tee and finally a big pull of the screen with a little help from me and voila! I was so pleased with the outcome and the big wow that followed after we lifted up the screen. Even Stanley had a pull on it, with not a smudge in sight.
It was hard to leave it drying in the studio while we went home for more fun but it was safely delivered the next day, ironed and ready to wear. I even got her mum to model the bag I made for her. Both gorgeous but shy girls so they've been dutifully cropped!Since it all went so well, I've decided to do a mini bag printing workshop leading up to Christmas. Mums / Dads / carers / friends are in charge of organising drawings by their little ones, with a view to posting / dropping / emailing them off to me. I then turn them into a printed bag for Christmas, hopefully stuffed with goodies, I'm not offering that part though! All for the small sum of fifteen pounds! (plus postage) I may do an impromptu print session at some point but the logistics and legalities of having kids in my studio is a bit of a problem
Tee shirts are too complicated as children tend to come in all shapes and sizes, so I'm sticking with bags.
Anyone interested please get in touch. I think it will be a fun project and a nice surprise at Christmas for all! I'll be helping kids along and getting them started at our Open Studio Weekend, now set for the 28/29th November.
There will be more postings about this on the run up to the weekend I'm sure.
I must be mad!
Adding to this.... the results of Stanley's nursery print workshop to follow soon.


  1. What a wonderful T-shirt and a way of keeping childrens artwork and making it come alive. I love it.

  2. Lucky Elodie and her Mum. And what a good Christmas screenprinting idea - hope it all goes well. Lesley

  3. Wow - that tshirt is amazing. Thanks for sharing!



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