Thursday, 22 October 2009

My Secret Life!

I seem to be leading a double life at the moment. One is attempting to promote my work, which, thankfully is slowly starting to pay off. The other is having a sneaky holiday in Benidorm! For the last four days I've been soaking up the son with my little boy, his dad, his Granny and his Uncle.
It was a bit of a last minute thing and a lovely gift from Granny June.
It wouldn't be my first choice of holiday destinations, but having said that, the weather was fantastic, sea gorgeous and Stanley seemed to survive being one of only about a handful of small people in our 11 story hotel, full of holiday makers of the much older variety. My weak Yorkshire accent, from living in London for nearly 20 years has now been rejuvenated. An extremely friendly place and a great little break. We left Uncle Paul out there with Granny June and we've been receiving regular updates of bingo, dancin', entertainments and such. I think she's being well looked after!
Stanley's favourite place by far was the beach and preferably with his head down a hole!
Time to get back to work.....


  1. Ok, that is sneaky...just when it's definitely been turning more autumnal and wintry back home this week! Glad you had a great time :-)

  2. That images is soooo precious. Just too cute. Made me smile :)


  3. Sounds like something I need...being away and some sun sound good to me :-)

  4. Sneaky holidays sound pretty good to me. Happy hol(e)s! xx

  5. Fun times - glad you enjoyed yourselves. Lesley

  6. Sounds like a great break. Your Yorkshire accent comment made me laugh, I have only been back in the Dales (visiting family) for 2 days and despite 19 yrs of London and Kent and I sound like a local again (well my husband thinks so but my family think I sound soft and southern still, apparently).

    Love, love, love your designs, may have to buy some new lampshades :)

  7. Thank you! or should I say, Ta very much! x



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