Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Better Late than Never

Well I finally got it all done, the important bits anyway!
The panels have gone off today, so I'm hoping to get boxes full of twinkly lampshades back very soon.
The bike is still at the bike shop and the tie is still a piece of fabric, but Granny June enjoyed the photos.
Wedding was a great success and I feel rejuvinated having spent some quality time with my family, including a wonderful walk to Hathersage, through fields of cows and sheep on a glorious Autumn day.
I have high expectations of myself today, but I won't bore you with the detail this time!
Even got in a spot of Morris Dancing!


  1. The lampshades look amazing - and so do the Morris dancers! xx

  2. Love the lampshade patterns and am looking forward to seeing the finished lampshades. Also love the 'sheep & gate' photo. BFN.



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