Wednesday, 23 September 2009

A Day in the Life Of.......

Today is quite a challenge for me so I'm writing about it in the hope that I might be more successful if it is documented!
I have a banging headache and am full of cold. The back to school nursery germs seemed to have taken a running jump at me and are well settled.
I've just dropped Stanley off after a bit of a morning struggle to get him dressed and am now looking at the total chaos in my studio. I have fits of tidying which lifts my spirits massively and then the messiness gradually creeps in. I was the tidiest little girl imaginable and then when I hit 13 it all went down hill. I remember once, my dad could only get his arm through the gap in my bedroom door (he was brilliant at bringing tea for the whole family every morning) because of all the clothes and stuff wedged against it! So here I am a good few years later and I can't fully open my studio door for all the screens and stuff wedged against it.
SO..... today I have all these shades to sew. I've been printing like mad and now I HAVE TO SEW them TODAY as we are off to Sheffield tomorrow for a family wedding. I have orders pending so this MUST be done.
Other things on my list: (Small writing so it doesn't look so long...)
Clear a space for my poor old Bernina so I can crack on with sewing
Make a tie for Stanley for the wedding
Pick up bike from Spitafiellds, needed new wheel after being rammed by a car (not a good day)
Get photos developed for Stanley's Gran
Pick up Stanley and then dry cleaning.
All by 3pm
It is now 10.47am

Wish me luck!


  1. Hi Helen, get sewing. You will feel better when you have some finished products to admire. Good luck! Kate x

  2. A little bit late but good luck! Hope you got it all done..

  3. Well despite the capital letters and list making I failed, but then it was a ridiculous feat! Nearly got there though, it will be an early start in the morning so there's still a chance before we set off.
    Thanks for the support!

  4. Good luck, sounds like you'll be busy. Love your work, by the way! xx

  5. aww, shame i'm too far away to pop down! (and prob too late now.) Have fun at t'wedding. XX

  6. Thank you all! Megan don't I just wish you were here!

  7. Hee hee, love the idea of writing it all small to make it look less daunting. Made me laugh!

  8. That could so easily be a day in my life, from the studio door jamming, to the last minute Granny photos, to the sew project for the kids...Hope you got what you needed to and you are feeling much better. x

  9. this all sounds incredibly familiar to me! and what is it with getting boys dressed for nursery in the morning. drives me CRAZY!



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