Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Spring is coming!

Picked these from our garden the other day....we keep getting little shots of warmth then a blast of cold.  But that winter stuff is definately on the way out!
Now shyly sitting in our kitchen shelf next to a lovely blue fern and clover plate I picked up from Etsy seller jinxxy Made by Mikasa, designed by Vera Neumann. The last photo is taken from her lovely shots that just made me WANT IT!
I would have panned out a bit on my picture, but our kitchen is a mess!


  1. I'm going a slight shade of green...I love Vera... she was just so cool!!

    Love the flower pic.. gorgeous!

  2. Ha!

    When you were featured on the Open Studio Tour... and once I was finished drooling over that fabulous studio of yours... I went back through every picture, looking for the Vera plate in the background. Even though I really knew you'd just received it.

    I love your prints and your studio, so inspiring!



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