Monday, 28 March 2011

Clutter and Keys

We have a problem in our house with bikes and where they go.  Our hallway is quite narrow, so the bikes have to be squashed in the hallway leading to the kitchen and halfway down the cellar stairs.  However, on leaving the house, I often park my bike in the main hallway, ready to leave and to get Stanley ready for school.  It's not ideal as the white walls end up with dirty handle marks wherever I park it up.
So to tackle this problem, I made this blackboard arrow, with the added bonus of key hooks (as I'm always losing my keys!) It was a bit of MDF we had left over from a big blackboard I painted years ago.  Good old General Woodwork Supplies, cut it to the shape I wanted, then I glued it to the wall.
No more dirty marks, a little messenger board and keys ready to go!

The other spot for the rest of our keys and clutter is just here.....
 Plus another bit of the blackboard in the kitchen!


  1. genius! now that is a good idea :)

  2. where did you find the last little sign/rack with the children illustrations? it is adorable! : ) is it vintage?

  3. hello! was wondering where you'd got to. great idea! bike marks are so irritating. but what i love most is stanley's little pegs! why didn't we think of that? it would stop all the 'can you hang my coat up please mum' every day. and i love those organiser thingys too, often wondered what we would put where. x

  4. Hi love the arrow, also really looove that wall hanging organiser thing for all the thingyys- where is that from?? thanks..

  5. Thanks all!
    Danielle - yes the colourful key hook rack is vintage, it was in my mum's kitchen througout my childhood and I've held onto it ever since! I did find some similar ones on Ebay.
    Francesca - yes the coat hooks have been great for Stanley and makes him quite independant, although he does get cross when my bike's in the way!
    Anon - the wall hanging organiser thing is a Uten silo wall tidy. You can find out more about it here It was quite a spend for me but has been fantastic for all those bits and bobs that don't have a home!
    I think it comes in two sizes. This is the larger one.



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