Sunday, 6 March 2011

New pics!

our house, originally uploaded by Helen Rawlinson.
A little peek into my living room to show the new pictures I've acquired recently (actually quite a while ago, only just got round to framing and hanging) . The 'I Iike it what is it' was bought from Nelly Duff  during a morning jaunt along Colombia Road and was originally in the centre of the old chimney wall.  But along came 'Wall P'animals Zoo' by Guusje's at Appeltaart. I am a major fan of this lady's wonderful screenprints, first spotted over at Kickcan & Conkers.

Guusje's blog is a dream, (it currently has tiny white spots glancing down the pages) and so is her happy home. I'm not sure if I've done it justice in my rather clutterfilled home, but I made sure it was professionally framed by a friend of mine. He introduced me to non reflective glass and I'm very pleased with it in the oak frame.  I've perhaps mounted them a bit high on the wall, but once they were up, that's where they were staying.  The small etching is from a long ago trip to Trevisso in Italy and the other screenprint, which is a perfect match with Zoo is by AP (will have to get back to you on that as I can't read the signature...any ideas?)
This whole room is desperate for a makeover and I'd love to get rid of the carpet and replace it with bamboo. The wall behind my beloved little sofa (an ex army piece, from Pictures and Light in Stoke Newington) is one day going to be blue, I'm collating shades and dreamiing via Pinterest!
The green seventies (draylon?) chair is part of a 3 piece set I inherited from my mum. It was always in the posh room and we weren't allowed to play in there as kids. She'd be aghast (hopefully delighted really!) if she could only see Stanley jumping up and down on it on a regular basis. (sorry mum! if you're up there somewhere x)


  1. just popped to that blog, gorgeous! and the shop. and i love "i like it. what is it?" just so perfect for the cyberworld we live in! x

  2. Thank you so much, Helen. I love your living room and I just had a look at your fab studio space. That is just perfect!
    A big kiss, Guusje

  3. Oh how lovely. I love Guusje's blog too!. Very nice living room you have!

  4. Thanks all for the thumbs up! Might show a bit more next time ! x



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