Monday, 12 July 2010

Numbers Up

I made some lavender bags sometime last year and having sold and given them all away, I meant to do more, but like a lot of things, I just haven't got round to it!
Then, I came across this fab tutorial for number bean bags via the brilliant Little Red Bus.  It was spotted on Holly's cheerful blog Chez Beeper Bebe.  There are just loads of great tutorials on her blog and she has a lovely shop too.  Her Two Faced range is just adorable!
Anyway, I was determined to make some for Stanley at some point, so here they finally are.

Inspired by our workshop chats and sample making for Jennifer at The Make Lounge, I've thrown myself back into the world of machine embroidery and have been having lots of fun.
Some of the fabric clashes are a bit mad, mixing my prints with fabric scraps that I've had forever, but I just wanted to be a bit random and colourful for my little lad.  I've stuffed them with wheat and lavender to give him a sensory kick too!
Holly gives all the beneficial and fun reasons for making these on her blog and I whole heartedly agree!
We played catch, what's missing, hide and seek, memory game, juggling and finally throwing them all straight at me.  That's when it all got a bit out hand and we had to stop!  Our living room is now filled with a lovely aroma of lavender and despite having a crap nights sleep last night, I felt I at least got something good done today.

So thanks to all those links to a great thing and more on The Make Lounge later!

Oh and I thought I'd add just one more link!
A great Giveaway here from Karen Jones' super kiddie filled style blog All About The Boys
Lovely books, lovely boys! Can't get enough.


  1. Oh my! Those are so gorgeous! You have way amped up the coolness and loveliness on my design...I hope you will submit some of the photos to my beeper bebe Flickr projects group--would love for you to share it with others...find it here:

    Thanks for sending the note. Make me so happy to see the results.

  2. oh these are lovely Helen. Stanley is a lucky boy indeed. xxx Sam

  3. Love them...and where do you find time? Superwoman is in our midst!

  4. Hi Holly, glad you like them, I've popped them in your flickr pool and thank you lovely Sam! x

  5. Thanks Louise,
    Stolen time..... should have been doing so many other things!

  6. Wonderful blog Helen! So glad you posted on my blog now I have found your gorgeous site. Thank you for the lovely comment link above too. Would love to feature you on my lifestyle page ?
    Karen xx

  7. Oh yes please! Thanks for taking a look.

  8. Love your stuff do make stuff with turtle print. desperate to buy some for my new baby to come.



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