Friday, 23 July 2010

Last Post before the Great Escape

Chaos is a foot with packing and cramming before we zip off to France and our family get together at Scarpat. One week left from the 28th of August, any offers?!
I've pushed to one side all my stressful thoughts of never ending lists of things I haven't done and settled on enjoying my son's last few weeks at Nursery and getting involved with my local community.
The Great white Wall
You can see more pics on our local blog LARA.  I put my hand up to running the blog.  Why oh why did I agree to this? I don't know, but there you go.  What happened last Sunday kind of made it all worth while.
The Big Lunch, what a fab idea and it was such a great day.
The Stencils
My contribution was to get everyone painting a wall at the far end of a very underused park in our neighbourhood.  Here were the results.  I totally loved it, everyone chipped in and we ate fantastic local food and had a real laugh.
The boys were first!
Finally the stencils came out!
.....and the girls got going
All that energy!

 Bon Voyage!

play academy

I've just enrolled to The Play Academy over at The Nuture Store.  A fab resource for kids stuff and play!


  1. love love the wall art and the freedom for the kids to get all messy with paint!!!

  2. Cool!
    Love the wall art.

    I've posted a remarkable thing on my blog, go and have a look!
    x Guusje

  3. I've looked and I'm beaming from ear to ear! x

  4. I just love it. You've transformed the atmosphere of the place - and it's great to see kids being creative outside and on such a big scale. Thank you so much for sharing this with the Play Acdemy.

  5. How wonderful!! Love it!!! SO creative



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