Monday, 19 July 2010

Ernesto Neto at The Hayward

A tailored made exhibition for me and my little boy!
A wonderful day and this little video just about sums it up.
Ernesto Neto and his dreamy wonderland of stretchy stockings in hues of lemon, lime, watermelon, aqua and lavender.   A sensory explosion, but in a gentle and inviting way, pulling you in, to explore a world of misty avenues and sneeky peepholes, with pockets of scents and a big drum to pound.
We went on a school day so were lucky enough to have the space almost to ourselves.   The weather wasn't too great either so the swimming pool outside was a great invitation, had he been 20cm taller! 
I loved the signage inviting you to be gentle or not to touch at all. 

The minature, urban park and the giant sized slotty pieces on the open decks were a great contrast to all the mist and cloud inside.

We took a break upstairs in the Project Space, with Stanley watching the Powerpuff Girls on an interactive screen in the Waterloo Sunset Pavillion, while I dreamed about in the big white space of dice world!
The work of Semâ Bedirovic was a brilliant companion to the room below and the short film of the advancing black dot was just a joy!
Back down stairs in The New Decor Exhibition and we even got a chance to swing in the bondage style, chainmail hammock!  An incredibly relaxed and friendly gallery attendant with a shiny gold tooth just made his day when Stanley was given the go ahead to 'get in'!
A giant take on interiors and a wild stretch of the imagination it all was.  I loved the mattress completely covered in buttons.

In the shop I bought a fab book called PLAY ALL DAY Design for Children.  A lovely souvenir of a great day out.

I had to laugh when I read this funny review by Charles Darwent for The Independent 
'My fear for The Edges of the World is that it will be seen by middle-class parents as a bouncy castle made for their children and so be filled with shrieking Toms and Daisys.' ....and Stanleys!
Well tough, we both enjoyed it which is more than can be said for a day in the park. Just don't go in the school holidays.


  1. Oh what a wonderful day you must have had! Everything looks fantastic (including the book)! I remember reading about this show when it was at the Armory in NYC and wishing that we lived nearby. What a great post Helen- I really enjoyed it!

  2. hi helen,
    thanks for this - am now deffo going with missy!
    see soon,

    katy h



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