Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Gallery Meme: Taupe and Yellow

Here's my bit of mid week fun! I'm joining in on a Meme from Sticky Fingers via British Mummy Bloggers!
I took these two photos last weekend. The train journey from West Kirby to Liverpool was full of expectation and all in hues of taupe! The yellow accents were picked up my friend Rae's lovely home! More of that later.


  1. Loving the yellows espeically the socks

  2. Matching socks and cushion and top? That is impressive! I also think I can confidently say you are the only entrant to have chosen taupe (and made it look really cool!)
    Welcome to The Gallery and thanks so much for joining in x

  3. Thank you both! I took loads of the 'taupe' one and this was my fave. The other one was a bit random and the socks were the thing that clinched it!



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