Tuesday, 23 March 2010

The Gallery Meme: Me

Well this was a tough one so I'll get straight in there:
This picture is Me all over: messy, untidy, disorganised chaos. My studio at it's unfinest.
The working lady....
and then there's Me and Stanley
Having a bit of fun...My crazy lovely boy! Me the Mum.

This was our first joint face painting experience. Getting him to paint my face was a bit of a break through as he's not much into painting and drawing and we had such a laugh.

I hate pictures of myself, so this is a rare posting. I've decided that you may hate them at the time, but looking at them a few years down the line, those small lines and wrinkles don't look so bad! Needless to say, this was me just yesterday, so it's still a bit raw!

Thanks again to Sticky Fingers for setting the task. Of course I've got nothing better to do!

Just a bit of detail:
Face Paints from Early Learning Centre and were a bit rubbish, must look what I'm actually buying and not get Princess colours next time.
Earrings were a great find from Blueberry Park. Karen also has a very cheerful blog here.
Zippy top from my super friend Kate over at Moozlehome Now a teepee queen!
Finally, the gorgeous and accidentally in focus painting is by my old friend Damian O'Brien, who I haven't seen for years and it's about time I did. I can't find him on the web so I'll have to trawl my emails.

See... it's not ALL about me really!


  1. You are SO right! I balk when I think of all those photos I ran out of when I was in my thirties, unlined, ungrey and under 12 stone! The few I have managed to unearth I love - mad isn't it?

    And you look lovely yesterday and your studio is a veritable smorgasbord :)

  2. i love the pics of you and stanley! and know a few people who would be very jealous about your studio mess or no mess!

  3. What a blast. Can't wait to get back to the uK and get me some face paints. My two aren't really that into painting, but they would love a good face paint. Your studio looks much the same as my office. Total chaos!

  4. Obviously the studio is just the way you like it and makes you feel comfortable to work in so it isn't a mess to me:-)
    Funny photos!

  5. I love these photos! thanks for sharing them.

    MD xx

  6. Awww, so honoured that you 'outed' yourself for me!
    That pic of you and your little man is just wonderful - and and who cares about wrinkles when you look radiant?x

  7. Fab photos and fab memories! And thanks for the lovely mention - the earrings look great! - and comment about my blog...it's funny, I always think of your blog as cheery! And I'm not surprised your friends chose one of your shades as a farewell present...given the opportunity I would too ;-)

  8. A great insight - very jealous of your studio & all it's organised chaos (it's not mess really).

  9. I am jealous-I want a studio that size! Just for my arts and crafts!

  10. What a fab studio and lovely photos of you and your son.

  11. Thanks all for your very encouraging comments! Incidentally I did clear up my studio after I took that picture and did quite well on the work front that day, so Chelle, I'm not comfortable at all when it's like that, but just can't seem to keep it sorted for long! Anyway, I'm very grateful to have such a lovely space and will make the most of it while I can!

  12. Great photos - they're lovely and you both look like you're having fun! Lesley

  13. Oh wow, your studio is my dream space! Really great photos of you and your boy too.



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