Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Boden Bunny and The Great Easter Egg Hunt

A bit of fun with Boden!
Other Materials: Cardboard/Cereal Boxes for backing, paper, scissors, gluestick, pen and coloured pencils, tons of sticky tape, lollipop sticks and much patience.
Things learned. Bribery works a treat on boys not much into arty stuff. 'You can use the camera and make a video?'
Cutting out things in advance speeds up the process so boredom doesn't set in after 60 seconds.
OK so he won't draw, but will give suggestions as to how the puppets should look....arms up, down, out to side..... all with good actions thrown in.
Use letters from boxes to create names and write on the backs so we remember.
Get a small friend round next time, preferably a girl, so you're not left on your own finishing it all off.
Lots of storytelling about Stanley, Ernie, Rabbit and Ellie getting on a bus and going to the seaside to hunt for eggs, all on video of course!

Get the full episode on Flickr


  1. Pleased to know we are no the only family who use the Boden catologue for crafty ideas! Just to add a sprinkle of sunshine to your day, I have nominated your blog for a Sunshine Award.

  2. Hi Helen, I LOVE these puppets - and my girls will too when I show them in the morning. There must be something in the air about lollypop sticks as my oldest has been using them for puppets this week too. Did you do Boden style interviews, like they do with their models?!

  3. Thanks Dawn, nice to see you at the show, albeit a bit brief!
    Thanks Mermaid for the Sunshine award!
    ...and Cathy, we got as far as getting on a bus and going to the seaside with them, all in our kitchen. Will have to do the interviews next time!

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, I love your lampshades and fabrics, they're gorgeous! I've favourited your shop and I'll keep popping into look at your fab collections.
    Love your puppets, my Sonny can be a bit reluctant on the drawing front at first, we always have to incorporate a 'goody' and a 'baddy' and guns ...and violence until big sisters come along to add flowers, princesses' and happily ever afters, it's in their genes! I'd of never believed it till I had a boy! ...but I wouldn't change him for the world!! x



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