Sunday, 1 July 2012

In between

So I'm in the middle of open studios, in between our two open days.  Amidst the panic of it all, I decided to make something of my owl that's been hanging around since two Halloweens ago - just put a parade of lights behind him to make a bit of a show and plonked him on a cushion.
Stanley got to try him out on a tee shirt too.
woodland creature - hence the greenish face - went off to a party - leafy crown not shown.  He got to stay up 5 minutes longer for this photo, nice mummy that I am!
 I also had a little wedding commission - another project that's been on the back burner for a while, now ready to share with anyone that needs a wedding gift, slightly modified since it's first showing at my friends wedding last June (I don't half seem to take my time!) Tea towels available too.
Personalised on the back but not showing just yet!
  The rock design which I'd put onto lampshades last year finally got an airing on some tea towels and it's all for you to see if you pop along tomorrow!
 So I've done a bit of catching up and I'm very happy that some customers have gone away with the new stuff (just one owl cushion left - OK I admit, I only printed two!)  I've still got plenty of units to shift (as Mr. John Hegley would say) so if you fancy a day out, please come and find me!  There's a whole load of fantastic work at The Chocolate Factory so even if I'm not your cup of tea  I'm sure someone else will be.
Oh and block got made into a lampshade - just for show, got some kits to shift!

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