Sunday, 22 July 2012

I love to ride my bicycle!

Well it couldn't have happened on a better day!
My big brother set off on their week long Coast to Coast Bike Challenge - Success in Tour de France and to top it all my little Stanley cracked it on his bike this morning.
It's a great feeling letting go of the saddle and watching them go it alone.
We celebrated with a trip around Gunpowder Park and picnic then back to the local Rec for a final lap at the end of the day.  Finally the sun shone - what a great start to the holidays!


  1. well done stanley! isi has a mental block about bikes. he says when he's 7 he's going to learn to ride a bike. i'm holding him to that. x

    1. Stanley got his bike for his birthday last October and up until yesterday said he hated it and never wanted to ride a bike. We had a few back breaking attempts at the beginning and so began the hate campaign, so I left it all well alone. Since then he's been on a two wheel scooter and once he'd got full balance control on that I thought he might be ready. So I suggested we should try it for the holidays - the next day his little friend zipped past our door on her bike and that was it - get the bike out! 5 minutes later he was doing circuits, it was quite amazing. So yes - my tip, wait until he wants to do it! xx



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