Monday, 7 February 2011

Thumb Printing Fun!

I really try hard not to force art onto my little boy and occasionally he'll give me a flash of hope that maybe one day he'll want to sit and 'do colouring' with me!
We did have a wonderful time together on the train coming back from Sheffield recently and it was all thanks to Aunty Jacquie and The Small Object.
This was a Christmas present for Stanley and we've both had fun making several cards with it.  The train journey got us working on this biggy, which means we've more or less run out of stickers now.  That's not so bad though, as I'm sure we can get inventive with other stickers from his / my collection, dotted around the house.

It's such a sweet idea and great that the cards in the box are half finished, which just gives enough inspiration for a small boy to add a few more bits without having to work too hard!  He went on to colour in most of his name and the journey time whizzed by.
I love the work of Sarah Neuburger
So thank you, Aunty Jacquie (meant to bring the card on Saturday, but forgot!) and congratulations to The Small Object for creating such a fab project!  Published by the ever wonderful Chronicle Books and available to buy here.


  1. that is so sweet. i will have a look. getting my 5 year old boy to do anything creative is like pulling teeth! it's maddening when i see all the little girls bringing home their pictures, inevitably of princesses with flowing blonde hair!

  2. So I'm not the only one then! x



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