Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Clover Lover

I've got a thing about clover.
It pops up in quite a few of my designs and I have plans for more!
Here's something I did over the weekend for my friends 40th birthday (very boozy event in the Cotswolds!)
I have lots of lampshade panels that are over flowing from my plan chest.  The ones that didn't make the grade!  I've been playing around with a few ideas for them as I can't bare to chuck them out!

So, 40 little clovers and just one with four leaves, all cut out from my various patterns and the odd bit of discarded stitchery too.
Had to squash them a bit into this frame, but I think it turned out OK.
I'm slightly worried that they'll all fall off as I stuck them fairly rapidly with a cheap glue stick.  But they went off with a guarantee and a promise to repair if necessary!

Next time I'm round at Richard's for book club, if they're on the wall, I'll feel like I did my job properly!


  1. So pretty - and full of energy! Like your green horse too, Helen! Lesley x

  2. Thanks Lesley...
    The horse is the partner to the dog from the pic taken the other day.



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