Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Making Magazine

 Pleased as punch to be in this month's rather fab Making Magazine.....
It's really nice to see my work in print, I was surprised how big and clear they all were and I even don't mind the picture of me, which is a rare occasion!
There are some great articles all about lampshade making and I love this project......
Thanks so much to Clare Kelly for her interview.  You can catch up on all the great articles she has written for the creative makers out there on her website and scroll through her fun blog at Pass the Pattern.
As for my words...I cringed a little at my admittance to listening to Radio One all day!  Even though it's true, I wish I could have thought of something a bit more ecclectic at my age!
Anyway, back to my boring accounts.....hopefully I will be up and running again by next week.


  1. Hello to you too! I loved your piece in this lovely mag!

  2. This is fantastic Helen! Congrats!!! Good luck with your accounts. I'm in the same boat with that stuff. :)

  3. I love seeing a picture of you!! congrats on a fantastic feature!!

  4. That looks brilliant!
    I can't buy it where I am at the mo :-(
    would love to have a good proper look.
    I'm going to beg someone to buy me a copy and save it for me...

  5. congratulations! I'm doing my accounts today, but hope to find a copy of this for my reward at the end!

  6. Congrats! What a great feature.

  7. Well done Helen! Such useful exposure and a really good pic of you in your workplace, with examples of lovely work too. x

  8. what a great feature, the pictures are great. and i imagined you with short dark hair! i wonder why? x

  9. Such a beautiful spread on your gorgeous creations. Congrats, Helen!

  10. Thanks everyone! A nice little boost. x

  11. What a great feature—congratulations!

    ...and I just read your interview on Etsy. Wonderful day for you!

  12. You gave wonderful quotes! No one would hold listening to Radio1 against you :-) glad you've had good feedback too!




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