Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Etsy Open Studio Tour

Just a big thanks for all those happy comments after revealing my wee space on Etsy!


  1. oh it's great helen! lovely space. x

  2. i just saw your lovely studio tour on Etsy, Helen! what a lovely creative space you have and it was so grand to read all about you, your studio and your peachy creations :)
    the weather has been so crappity crap of late, but peeking into your creative space felt like the sun was shining all around.

  3. Ah, two wonderful blogging ladies side by side, or rather, one on top of the other..either way, thank you girls, for passing by my little patch. My beloved studio was a in a shameful state today but I'll keep quiet about that, don't want to ruin the impression! x



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