Monday, 17 May 2010

Better Late......

My part in the Elsie Marley kid's clothes week was low on makes due to our weekend break to Amsterdam.
I did manage to make these before I went and just put the elastic in this morning.
Recycled from an old skirt, which was a bit of a sack on me, but had a nice rippled print detail.
So I matched it up with some of me old pebble print!

I also got the Tees printed, one for Stanley and one for Dolly. Their reunion in Amsterdam at the fabulous residence of Moozlehome was one to be remembered! Had a glorious few days, cycling around and catching up. More to come on that when I get a minute.

I'll have a limited run of these in my Etsy shop soon, as I printed a few extras.


  1. great pants - the details are nice and subtle.

  2. Lovely! I hope you can make lots of them with loads of different fabrics:)

  3. Thanks Yakko, I'd like to try my ABC fabric next for a bit of summer zing!
    As for Sam, your collection far out shines mine this week!

    It was a great challenge with some brilliant makes...check the flickr group!



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