Saturday, 17 April 2010

Reveal Festival, Swanning around.....

I've just had an idyllic day by the canal on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in London. Friends invited us to come along and help more friends to feather a giant swan!
It's all part of the REVEAL Festival which happens next weekend, all around the King's Cross area. We were helping Helen Maurer and Sophie Charalambous with their grand plan to illuminate the narrow boats of the St Pancras Cruising club.
I even had a go at wicker work, adding some shoulders to a giant lady figurehead, soon to become festooned in lights. All very therapeutic and fun.
Stanley was in big kid heaven and his dad was happy to do look out patrol. Tea, cake, ginger beer and beer!
A fantastic, unexpected day out. London at its best!

Find out more about the Festival here

Starts April 22 and runs to May 02

More pics of the day on Flickr

...... and if you really want to know what the feathers are? A: bags and bags of bin liners! Well it is going on to another Festival after this one, so they will have more than one life at least! There was talk of a re run of Craft Night Tuesdays at the Club House, so they may well end up as something else too.


  1. Glad that you all enjoyed a fun day out Helen - and a bright, sunny day at that. Bye for now, Lesley

  2. Sounds and looks fantastic, lovely to have some great sunny weather!

  3. Sounds and looks fantastic! great to have some perfect beer weather!



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