Friday, 12 June 2009

Credit Cheers!

Thank you so much to Print & Pattern for the super write up! What a nice end to the week.
Also to Indie Quarter! Great plug thank you.


  1. I loved your Items on print n pattern, and always inspired by artists like you making beautiful stuff for a living. Maybe you should post about how you've come to making it a business. :-)

  2. Thank you and thanks for the reminder, this was one of my intentions when I first started writing the blog, but time always seems to get the better of me! Watch this space......

  3. Helen,,first of all, U make me miss London and the amazing talent there. Such great work ..admire that u have a business going and in such a great looking location.
    Really like your work:)

  4. Thank you Saz, it's easy to get complacent wherever you are, and I should definitely make more of being in this big city so thanks for the reminder!



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