Wednesday, 27 May 2009

HR in Portugal

The Monday morning after the Spring Fair, we flew off to Portugal for a little family getaway. Portugal is so beautiful this time of year, poppies and wild flowers everywhere. Stanley had a ball and was my supermodel for a few days see here.
That's ma boy!

Couldn't resist taking this.....3 stars, not bad!

I also started taking pictures of random numbers for Stanley as he is number mad. I'll do something with them at some point! Because of this I just spotted a little beauty above the door of No. 38. It reminded me of the very talented Geninne, who I came across originally at Three Potato Four and then I bought four of her prints on Etsy. Her watercolours are amazing and it looks like her sons are following in her footsteps, check out their blog too, it's so lovely!

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