Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Finally to France

So I finally landed in France! It's the start of the season for us at Scarpat and I went over for a few days just to check everything was in order. We are almost full for rental this summer which is incredible, if a bit nerve wracking. I put most of it down to my talented, design boff, big brother, Matt, who made the place shine while pretending to let me think I was doing all the styling. Not forgetting even bigger brother Pete who is keeping an eye on the money side of things while I just fill in with running the show and chatting along in my babbling french. Sabine from En Toutes Saisons got us off the ground last year with our first rental and is still doing a great job.

The Garden is coming on a treat thanks to my lovely Dordogne Caretakers!

The odd HR print keeps popping up here and there! I made up some big cushions with my Big Flower design. More pics to follow in the summer.......

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