Thursday, 31 January 2013

Anyone looking for a personalised lampshade for their little one, please read on.....

Should I really try and do these commercially???
I made this shade for my little niece Imogen - as ordered by her mum my SIL (she knows what she wants!) It's a bit of an extension from the personalised cushions which had me going a bit nuts before Christmas. It was made rather hastily (but with much love!) and it's on fabric rather than paper so the edges had to all be hand rolled etc. I need to try a few more out before I'm ready to set sail with them but not sure who to make the samples for - any volunteers - do you think I should run a competition..the lucky winner etc?
Any suggestions or comments gratefully received! (the base isn't ideal by the way - but my wooden ones made it look a bit tall and I wanted something more sturdy for a child's room - so I'll have to work on that one)

Meanwhile this little lad is growing up fast:
A fun project we tried with the Woodcraft Folk - inspired by the wonderful photos of Jan Von Holleben

By the way, Stanley already has three lampshades in his room and I can't possibly force another one on him!

Oh yes Valentine's  - one of these might come in handy!
Available here

Just a little add on.....

So that was January! I never much like January and this year was no exception if a little worse. I had a bit of a health scare back in December which is now being dealt with and I'm almost ready to bounce back. I closed all my shops just before Christmas and had a really lovely break with the family etc. Thankfully when I reopened them a couple of weeks ago, all these magical customers appeared and have been wonderful at waiting for their packages to arrive - so thank you most sincerely to the Not On The High Street shoppers especially, who have been in full swing, then to the finders and seekers of my Big Cartel Shop which now has more than just lighting to tempt you in and finally the Etsy and Folksy crew for those special custom orders from far and wide.
I've not quite written my list of things to do, but plans are hatching, so apologies for the late start!


  1. I think they look lovely, Helen, and I think a competition is a great idea!

  2. Lampshades are ace - I think a competition is a brilliant idea.

    Sorry to hear about your health scare, but glad all's well now.

    Flora x

  3. sorry to hear that you had a health scare but glad to hear on the mend now x

    I think these are just fab and quite honestly I love the base that it is on too!

    A competition is a wonderful and very generous idea. Another idea could be to offer a shade for half price as samples?

    Just lvoe the photo of Stanley too! x

  4. That's strange - I could have sworn I'd replied already! Anyway, thank you nice ladies and glad you like it. Karen the base is Ikea and yes a heavy discount might just help cover costs if I ever find the time! x

  5. I love the lampshades too. Also how about some offers for the first few orders and use them as samples and images?



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