Friday, 1 June 2012

New Makes and Taking a Break

I've been busy with customer orders for the last couple of weeks.  What with juggling lampshades and all the rest, I never seem to get the chance to make new things so it's always great to get a customer order or two so I can do something new.  My to do list is getting longer and longer!
So here they are.
Tea Towel Totes in Parade

Moroccan Tile Slim Cushion in Elephant Grey
A whole stack of squares!
Yellow Parade
Olive Moroccan Tile

 Having had the chance to take some snaps, I'll be listing them in my Etsy shop soon.  But for now - we're taking a break to Scarpat in France.  Our family hideaway (a life long love I share with my two brothers).  We've still got a couple of weeks left in June free and one week in July if anyone fancies a getaway!

See you all soon and happy half term / holidays!


  1. all lovely especially the yellow parade cushions. have a great break. i'm always looking at scarpat and hoping to go one day. there's either too many of us or too few! x

    1. Thanks Francesca,
      Glad you like the look of Scarpat! Always open for offers on last minute deals!!! x

  2. Like your new makes Helen - have a lovely break in France. Have you forgotten my lampshade? No pressure. Lesley x

    1. Oh gosh Lesley, I've very sorry I haven't got back to you!!!! Will send you an email. Hx



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