Friday, 20 April 2012

Two Days to Decide....

My friend Nick offered to sand our floor!
It was very dark and dusty.
Off I went to the paint shop and bought deep mahogany stain
Very not nice dark red brown.
Hopped on bike, went back to paint shop and bought dark oak.
That's more like it.
Went off to studio.
Came back to a very light floor.

Nick has gone off for a few days so I can make my mind up.
Anyone else have an opinion?
Deep dark oak - bit like before but all nice and smooth and a little bit shiny......
or just slap on the varnish (matt) after a bit more sanding to get rid of the blotches.

I think I've decided.

What to do with 3 tins of wood stain?.....and what about the stairs!


  1. Keep it light and paint the steps 3 shades of the same colour, maybe blues to coordinate with the opposite wall?
    A regular blog reader delurking for the sake of home decorating harmony!

    1. Oh wow, now you've got me thinking...what a brilliant idea, thanks Roberta. X

  2. like it as it is. you never know how those stains will come out. can go a bit too orange. x

    1. Yes I think you're right, I'm just trying to get used to how light it is after 7 years of darkness! Definitely don't want orange.

  3. I have been following your kitchen make over and I want mine like yours now! It looks great. I really like the light floor and Roberta's idea.

    1. Thanks Geraldine, it's been a long awaited job and it's nearly done!! The varnish is going on today and yes it's staying light. Roberta's idea is perfect and that will be my little project when I get a minute.

  4. I love the light floor - it reflects the light better and makes the room sunnier!



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