Thursday, 23 February 2012

One more day.....

I want our kitchen out of our living room NOW!
Getting sick of washing up in the bath and eating takeaways.
The taps go in tomorrow - Yippeeeee!
Stanley has coped amazingly.  It makes you realise that kids don't really mind how big or small a space they have as long as it's home.


  1. A day to celebrate - disruption is always hard to take though, even in a good cause. Have a good weekend Helen. Lesley x

  2. I feel for you, we spent 4 years living with builders in this house when my oldest was a toddler and youngest was about to be born (then also through his toddle years). Hope you get your kitchen back soon. Beth (the linen cat) :)

  3. Thanks Lesley, yes it will all be worth it I hope - the few hiccups along the way will all be forgotten soon enough.
    Beth, I don't think I could cope with four years! I hope you ended up with your dream home.

  4. oh yes, i remember washing up in the bath. not fun! was worth it in the end. x

  5. it's a nightmare being without the kitchen...the worst room to have disrupted but SO worth it and quickly forgotten afterwards ;-)



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