Monday, 20 June 2011


Well I'm glad that's all over!
I've taken it easy today, despite the fact that I have lamp and cushion orders to go out.
Back in full swing tomorrow I promise.
I made a few of these, thinking they could end up in my shop, but I've none left!
The red one went out to a customer before Open Studios. I managed to snap this before the green one was gone too.
All in all it was a good weekend.  It was lovely to see everyone else's work and have a mooch about.  (Kerry, that's probably where I was when you popped in, so sorry!)
Yesterday was the best day in terms of foot fall and sales, but the summer open is always more quiet than the Christmas one, so I'm thankful that anyone actually turned up!
The box house went down very well with the little people, so yesterday I added an ice cream shop in the yard.  With a few cardboard ice creams, lollies and biscuits, and a box of colouring in things, I gave it up to the kids to make merry.  Amazing to see how much entertainment you can get out of a bit of cardboard that once housed a mountain of lampshades!
My tea towel printing frenzy paid off, even though I have lots left, I never would have done so many if I hadn't had a goal to work towards.  So I'll be uploading them in my Etsy shop shortly.  I've got a new range of the Moroccan Tile ones coming out soon in organic cotton and I'll be working on the 'Just Married' theme over the next few weeks.

As for the mugs, I almost sold out (OK I only made 25! and had to keep the samples back)  but it was interesting to see which were the favourites. (Block and Parade equal first, then Moroccan Tile, which is the opposite to what I expected!) Plus lots of promises for Christmas purchases.
I actually managed to paint my boards this time (left over from trade show days) which I now use to cover the print table.  I've been itching to paint one of the walls in our living room a turquoise blue, so this was a good way to try out the colour. It made a nice back drop for the mug shots too!
Parade and a little ric rac
Moroccan Tile - it was supposed to be red, royal blue and bright turquoise!
Make your mind up time. With ric rac or without?
I'd love to hear anyone's opinion on the above.  I was going to do the one on the right, like my lampshade print, but decided it was too busy.  I tried it out anyway and put it to the test over the weekend.  The majority vote was for the one on the left.  I made a rik rak one with the strips I'd got left, as a last minute what if?  It seemed a shame to waste it.
My friend Becky Baur pushed me down the mug making path and I'm so grateful as I've been wanting to do it for years! (Her fox in the city series are gorgeous!)  We had digital transfers made up and hand applied them ourselves one sunny Friday morning.  Then Jo from downstairs fired them for us in her kiln.  None of the colours (apart from the red/orange) came out like I expected  and they are working out to be quite expensive if I ever want to wholesale them.  But for now, I'm enjoying a new product and the chance to play around. So the rest will be up in my shop as soon as.....
I always find it interesting how sales are so dependant on the way you display things and where you put them in the room.  The mini tote display was definitely better than last time, plus it covered up all my studio crap (well not all!)

Oh and the lampshades! The lovely lampshades.....still got tons left, sold many an ex display item and a few of the new.  Look out for updates in my Lighting Shop soon.

Thanks to everyone who came along and made me smile! x

Tidy studio for now....let's see how long it lasts this time.


  1. gorgeous gorgeous post! i love the rikrak one, that was my first favourite but now looking at them together maybe it's not as punchy as the other one. making mugs is my dream! would love to come to your open studios one day, with all your cardboard creations maybe i could even bring the boys without them getting too bored! lion cushion also lovely. glad you had a successful weekend. x
    p.s. love the one with just rik rak in the top mug photo too.

  2. Glad it was so successful Helen! Yes, the whole family were there (there’s a post on my blog today). Bertie had a little nose at the ice cream house, but there was a little girl in it at the time, and I don’t think she wanted to let him in!

  3. Thanks Francesca,
    The boys would be most welcome! I'd recommend mug making, it's rather fun!
    Kerry, I can imagine which little girl it was! Shame he didn't get a turn!
    Your photos are fab, thanks for the mention. x



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