Saturday, 21 May 2011

Wedding Special

 This time last week I was frantically getting ready for my darling, darling friend Dominique's wedding..or I should say, civil partnership.  My old college friend was marrying his Aussie boy Mr. Beaver.  I love them both and it was an absolutely fabulous wedding.
From the registry office in Islington, we took a champagne fuelled, double decker bus on an almost two hour trip to Teddington (right through the heart of London no less) for the most lavish of receptions I've been to in a long time! Dominque had cut his own confetti, made metres and metres of bunting, floor to ceiling drapes  and even two indoor gazebos for the kids. We had an amazing silhoutte artist cutting out our portraits and a cartoonist drawing hilarious renditions of smiling couples.
In contrast to all this magnificence I made this little cushion for them both for a bit of fun.  A hand cut print, that I might just make into a permanent screen, when I get the chance.  I printed it on to cotton/hemp which is a lovely eco fabric, similar to linen, but not so easy to get the creases out after I'd washed it!

I personalised it with a bit of machine embroidery on the side.
Thanks for a wonderful day Dom and Beaver! I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. x


  1. What a lovely cushion Helen!

  2. What a super-cool wedding...and cushion! I keep meaning to say that it was lovely to meet you back along. Perhaps see you at another in the future. Enjoy your week!

  3. Lovely cushion. Do you sell them at all, personalised?

  4. I'm just sorting this out now as I'm making one for another friend, I'm then hoping to offer them for sale and yes I can personalise.
    Send me your details and we can discuss further - helen(underscore)rawlinson@yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk



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