Monday, 14 June 2010

Stamping Night at The Make Lounge

I had a bit of luxury time to myself the other evening and revelled in being a student again for a few hours!
I’d been meaning to get along to The Make Lounge in Islington for a while. To do a workshop and go crafty shopping was just great. Not having a little one tugging at your legs and occupying more than half your attention, wondering where he will wander next, meant real quality me time!
It soon became clear that carving stamps is totally different to the screen printing process and it was a wonderful loosening up exercise for me. Louise Best from LouLouLovesBooks was the tutor for the night and she was a star. Calm and enthusiastic, not too pushy but with loads of super tips and guidance for everyone. It was also nice to meet people who have ‘regular’ day jobs and were just doing it for a bit of fun, no pressure, just playtime.

The next night I had a birthday party to go to. So I messed about with my stamps et voila, instant cards!
All in all a very productive evening, which has got my old creative brain ticking again in a slightly different way! Highly recommended.

The Make Lounge is a great concept, lovely space and fab shop and thanks to Jennifer, you might be lucky enough to find my wee party bags and fabric patches on sale too!


  1. Your cards and stamps look amazing...I'm so happy you enjoyed it all.

  2. Love the stamps that you have created Helen - especially the leaf. Sounds like a great way to spend an evening, to me.



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