Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Chocolate Factory Open Studios - Winter is here!

It catches me out every time!  We start planning maybe 6-8 weeks beforehand with rumblings of emails between us all, sort out the date...get the flyer/poster ready (thanks to our in house graphics offiicionado Sarah from With Relish) and bam, it's only just over a week to go!
More info can be found here on the Facebook Chocolate Factory Fan Page!

And what have I been doing today?
Dropped a pile of packages off at the Post Office, had my first tour of a local primary school for next September intake (panic! school! applications!) Wasted about 2 hours with Facebook as it drives me up the wall and now off to pick up my boy.  Where oh where did the day go?


  1. Wish I was back in London sometimes, feels like I am missing out. Good luck with the Schools applications, we had ours last year (my oldest started Primary this Sep) and it was all a bit daunting, I remember. Beth

  2. Yes I'm trying to stay calm!
    Don't feel too sad about London, I'm sure you've got lots of nice big open spaces to enjoy.....and you can always come and visit!
    Besides, sometimes I miss London even though I actually live here!

  3. Hope the open studio went well.

    Thanks for your blog comment. It cheered me up. I'm well stressed out at the moment!

    Feels like 5 minutes since applying for infant school and now my youngest has just chosen his GCSE options. Goodness me!




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