Sunday, 16 August 2009

More Makes!

As part of my making things this week I also made this bag for my friends birthday. It's the poshest one I've done yet and was nice and easy to make thanks to the pattern from
ali foster on Etsy.
I wanted to try out some of my prints and these are from the lollipop range. I used 2 panels from the small print and 1 uncut piece from the larger print usually used on my tub drum lampshades. There was enough left over of the small print to make the purse too.
I've lined it will some ticking and there's an added bonus of sunset strip on the inner pocket lining.
Double layers of woven interlining give it a really nice shape and the magnetic snap fastener holds it in place.
Well I'm hoping she won't read this before she gets it tomorrow but just in case.....
Happy Birthday Becky!

I'll be listing the larger print on Etsy soon and a make to order on the bag too, so look out for it!


  1. Hi Helen, the bag is gorgeous, your friend is very lucky. Kate x

  2. Lucky Becky, the way you have combined those lovely prints (with the ticking lining) works so well! BFN. Lesley



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